CNN Paris – World News Actuality Guest of The Week Rafael Nadal Presented By Claire Evren

12991034_860545877400791_1581066609126092989_nCNN Paris – World News Actuality Presented By Claire Evren

CNN World News Actuality Guest of the week Rafael Nadal

CNN – Article & Exclusive Interview By Claire Evren with Rafael Nadal


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Rafael Nadal honoured with Grand Vermeil medal ahead of pursuing a tenth Roland Garros title in Paris.

The Spaniard has only ever lost once at Roland Garros in the last decade

The French Open, the second Grand Slam of the season, starts on Sunday

Nadal is the nine-time champion at Roland Garros, which begins in Paris on Sunday.

The ‘King of Clay’ was delighted with the ceremony in the French capital on Thursday, he say ” Thanks to the City of Paris for giving me their highest award.”

Nadal described Paris as the ‘most important city’ in his career, and the one where he ‘came of age as a sportsman’.
‘Roland Garros is tennis and Roland Garros is Paris,’ he continued.

‘But for me, it’s something special. This is the tournament that made me reach maturity, a life-changing moment for an athlete. And mine changed here in Paris ten years ago.’

The 28-year-old has suffered a series of shock defeats in the tournaments leading up to the second Grand Slam of the season, admitting to a lack of confidence on court.

However Nadal is a different animal at Roland Garros, as he searches for an unprecedented tenth title, despite falling to No 7 in the world rankings.

The Spaniard also fitted into his busy schedule on Thursday a trip to the Eiffel Tower for the Roland Garros player’s party where he was joined by the women’s winner from 2014 Maria Sharapova.