CNN World News Actuality Presented By Claire Evren Guest of the week David Cameron


12991034_860545877400791_1581066609126092989_nenCNN London Claire Evren & David Cameron

CNN World News Actuality Presented By Claire Evren Guest of the week David Cameron

CNN – Article & Exclusive Interview By Claire Evren

General Election 2015: David Cameron announces ‘bloody lively’

“We have got a fight on our hands and I am going to win that fight. It’s a battle for the backbone of Britain, that’s what this election is about.”

“Some people think stability and security are boring — I don’t,” Mr Cameron said, adding: “If you want risk, if you want to take a punt, go with the other guy.”

“I want it for the person who is working hard and trying to provide for their family.

“I want it for the people trying to build a better life because they are putting in the effort.

“I want it so we have a country where if you work hard you get rewarded. That is why I want it. That is what is so important at this election.”

The Prime Minister said: “In the end a strong and growing economy, that’s what provides the jobs, that’s what gives us the pay packet at the end of the month, that’s what provides the good school that we want to send our child to, that provides the hospital bed when we’re sick.”


Later, unveiling the Tories’ small business manifesto in Moorgate, he vowed to work “the hardest I have ever worked in my life” to win on May 7.

He said Ed Miliband saw business as “a predator” and went on: “This is not some Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.
“This is what we are staring down the barrel of in 10 days’ time if we don’t get out there and fight for jobs.”