CNN Presenter of Political Debate and Journalist Claire Evren was Nominated Correspondent of Paris for CNN World News Actuality.


12991034_860545877400791_1581066609126092989_nCNN Presenter of Political Debate and Journalist Claire Evren was Nominated Correspondent of Paris for CNN World News Actuality.

International Correspondent Claire Evren Joins CNN World News Actuality at Paris.
CNN World News Actuality is expanding its presence in France with the hiring of Claire Evren, who leaves CNN Los Angeles to become the network’s Paris Correspondent, it was announced today by Managing Director of CNN World News Actuality.
Claire Evren most recently as a Los Angeles and London-based international affairs editor, now correspondent for CNN World News Actuality Paris, covering major news stories for the network’s French and English channels. For the last 24 months she has been a valuable resource for CNN.
Claire Evren joined the network CNN World News Actuality from CNN Los Angeles in September 2013, but had previously contributed to many of CNN’s reports, where she was a political editor and presenter Political Debate  before being promoted to international affairs editor and correspondent. She has extensive knowledge of France and the Europe and has covered most major news story for the network’s American and English speaking channels.
Said Managing Director of CNN World News Actuality : “France has always been important to CNN, the number of globally important stories from there and its neighboring countries has made it more significant than ever. We sought out Claire Evren for her expertise on many of these stories. She is an outstanding addition to the CNN World News Actuality family.”
Claire Evren is a talented Presenter and dynamic political journalist who will make an immediate impact on CNN’s TV and digital platforms at Paris,” said the Managing Director of CNN World News Actuality. “She will make a formidable team, and deepen our commitment to covering France and the region as a whole.”
Said Claire Evren : “I am very happy to be nominated in Paris, and what a pleasure to meet my family, my friends who had missed me too much. I love Paris ! I’ve long admired and respected CNN World News Actuality and the exceptional work of its journalists around the world. The quality of its reporting and the values it represents are there for all to see. I am so glad to be back in France my country, Paris where I was born.”

 Claire Evren is a correspondent for CNN World News Actuality based in the network’s Paris bureau.

She started her career working for CNN World News Actuality in the US before joining CNN World News Actuality Television in 2013 as a political journalist and presenter TV News. In 2002 she joined the Star and Show TV, where she worked for several years. World News Actuality hired her as a political editor and presenter the TV News and the following year was promoted to international correspondent. Since then she has worked extensively in France, London and the world, covering the news from the field for CNN World News Actuality French and English-language channels.

Congratulations Claire Evren , from CNN World News Actuality  your favorite Team.
We are thankful for a Superstar Presenter like you.
Thanks for all you do for your Team at CNN World News Actuality
You are a daily inspiration and a great role model to us all.
Right now, the whole world should be celebrating your greatness..
This year has been eventful and your support has been especially important.
You have done amazing things for CNN World News Actuality.
Not only do you work hard at your job, but you also keep your priorities straight.
Thank you for being someone we all strive to be.
You are a symbol of loyalty and dedication to us all.
Big Up Claire Evren !