World News Actuality Presented By Claire Evren Vladimir Putin The Russian President’s 2017 calendar


World News Actuality Presented By Claire Evren

Vladimir Putin The Russian President’s 2017 calendar

The Russian President’s 2017 calendar is now on sale!
The calendar, which can be purchased for 95 cents at kiosks across Moscow, contains carefully-crafted photographs of Russia’s leader holding a kitten, dressed in a wetsuit, riding a horse (wearing a jacket this time) and relaxing in a tree after a 9-kilometer (5-mile) hike.
Published by the Russian tabloid magazine Zvezdi I Soveti (Stars and Advice), the pictures are accompanied by a series of quotes from Putin addressing his love for cats, the importance of bread and Russia’s military power.
In February we learn it’s important for parents to “give their child a part of their soul,” and in March we’re told the strongman leader and a kitten “liked each other instantly.”
On the back page, Putin — pictured in dark sunglasses, buttoning his suit jacket in a very James Bond-ish gesture — is quoted as saying Russia does “not need any foreign territory or someone else’s natural wealth. But if there is a threat we are ready to use our weapons to ensure our safety.”
It’s not the first time the magazine has published a presidential calendar.