CNN World News Actuality & Claire Evren Beyond Monaco: Superyacht expeditions to the ends of the Earth


12991034_860545877400791_1581066609126092989_nCNN World News Actuality Presented By Claire Evren
CNN Article & Exclusive Interview By Claire Evren

Beyond Monaco: Superyacht expeditions to the ends of the Earth

What could be more memorable than lounging on your sun-drenched superyacht in the world’s most fashionable ports?

Quite a lot, says an increasing number of intrepid millionaires looking for the ultimate adventure.

No longer satisfied simply to moor their lavish vessels in the Mediterranean or Caribbean, an emerging market of jet setters are seeking unique voyages of exploration.

And it’s taking them to the ends of the Earth.

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Rather than whiling away the days in the “see and be seen” playgrounds of the mega rich, these financial titans prefer to point their bows towards the most remote landscapes on the globe.

The South Pole, New Zealand’s volcanic islands, and Australia’s river wilderness, to name just a few.

And at up to $400,000 a week to charter one of Eyos’ opulent boats equipped to handle these extreme locations, you will need deep pockets for these journeys.